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A Weekly Porn-Off Challenge

Welcome to NP Pervshack, where perverted minds gather to exchange dirty stories with one another. This is a weekly contest community run by Julia and Caitlin, and is not necessarily officially affiliated with the livejournal role-playing community of NP Hogwarts.

Every month, on this first Monday night, either Julia or Caitlin will post a pre-determined fanfic challenge; that challenge may pertain to a pairing, a situation, word-length, etc. We're going to get really creative with that, I promise.

Should you care to participate, all you need to do is post your entry to the Monday night challenge post, where all comments are screened. It is perfectly fine if it takes up more than one comment, as the case may be, so don't let word length stop you. All entries must be submitted by Friday night to be considered for voting that week.

Saturday and Sunday are the days reserved for all and sundry to read the pervalicious fic and then vote on which they think is best. The winner will be announced on Monday, with the posting of a new challenge.

All for porn and porn for all!

Please note that the very nature of this community demands that it be rated NC-17, and by default, all posts made in this community are locked. Should you join without technically being old enough, we cannot be held responsible for the loss of whatever shreds of innocence you're still holding on to.

Good luck typing with one hand!
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